5 Indies that Celebrate Women

an article by Joe Sutton on Happy Women’s History Month (as if a single month, even a long one, is enough to celebrate women’s myriad contributions)!

“And Then There Were Three” is mentioned in the article: “This memoir meditates on relationship dynamics and the nature of love. After learning of her husband’s college-aged romance with Sasha, a gay man, Fox encourages him to seek out Sasha. Hailing from the former Soviet Union, Sasha had struggled with his homosexuality; though upon reuniting with his old lover, an unconventional romance begins to brew among the three. Fox writes openly and honestly about the nature of the unconventional relationship in the form of letters to her beloved, which challenge notions of sexuality, gender roles and societal expectations”.
– See more at: http://indiereader.com/2016/03/5-indies-to-help-celebrate-womens-history-month/#sthash.xRfi642E.AcjGmTlM.dpuf


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