New Year is out, Valentine’s Day is around the corner

Still believing that exclusivity is necessary for deep, committed, long-term loving relationships? The modern divorce rate of 50% says otherwise.

As traditional Valentine’s Day themed pink and red greeting cards are replacing the tired Christmas & New Year colours on the stands of our stores, most of us are anticipating (or not) the invasion of our social networks and television by the typical romantic scenarios of exchanging gifts, kisses and love messages between the two lovers of opposite or the same sex. Very few of us ever imagine the holiday routine in relationships where there are more than two lovers involved.

The images of cheating two-timers running between the deceived spouse and the scheming mistress aside, we are hardly bombarded nowadays by pictures of non-traditional family unions such as polyamorous families where the conventional Valentine’s day gift exchange is a little bit more complicated because of the larger number of givers and recipients involved. Polyamorous unions where ethical, and responsible non-monogamy is practiced with knowledge and consent of everyone involved are estimated to have around 1.2 to 2.4 million followers just in the United States alone according to latest research.

As the author of the autobiographical memoir, And Then There Were Three: Sixty Seven Letters to Sasha, I have an intimate understanding of the workings of a polyamorous relationship. Great Valentine’s Day read! Enjoy!


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