Excerpt from the Book – #9

And Then There Were Three: Sixty-Seven Letters to Sasha by Julia G. Fox

Excerpt from the Book – #9:

“You said that Westerners had not perfected a simple skill that was indispensable in the East—eating a ripe tomato. You said that our tomatoes were firm and meaty and had no juice in them, and eating them was an easy game. But try eating a ripe tomato, you said, with the juice bursting out the moment you touched the red flesh with your lips, hours after these fruits were picked by farmers from their tiny gardens and sold from aluminum bowls alongside the motorway stretching between Gogol to Kiev. You said you had to approach such a tomato with the tenderness and cautiousness with which you would approach your first kiss. You said you had to hold the tomato just above and over your mouth, your head tilted back before your first bite, and when you carefully placed your teeth on the fruit, you had to bite in slowly, letting the juice drip into your mouth, sucking it in and then biting deeper. You said you had to proceed by slightly tilting the tomato left and right and biting small bits and drinking whatever juice was coming out until you were left with nothing but the mushy flesh and some skin. You said that the experts (and you were one of them!) do stop now and then and managed even to sprinkle some salt before taking the next bite without splashing any juice on their light-colored shirts. The experts even manage to have a bite of a toast, which usually patiently sits on the plate next to a shot of vodka. You said these ripe tomatoes made vodka taste better. I said that nothing makes vodka taste better than kissing you right after taking a shot”.

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