Excerpt from the Book – #8

And Then There Were Three: Sixty-Seven Letters to Sasha by Julia G. Fox

Excerpt from the Book – #8:

“The time machine that is initiated inside your brain is magical and real at the same time. The sensations are euphoric. The most unpleasant or mundane smells like old lorries’ exhausts, the nausea-provoking stench from a urine-soaked rug used as a toilet by generations of felines in cheap housing estates on the city edge, the faint, rusty scent and rhythmical sounds of train tracks, the various odors of underground stations with their twists and turns and tunnels squeezing the crowds through, with its narrowness and overflowing rubbish containers, the burning curious looks of stray cats jumping from under the car tires, various aromas that hit you on entering shops, surrounding you, messing with your brain and not letting you go till you surrender yourself to this time machine feeling the sense of dread when the scent and the memory it brought with you is gone, leaving you with the nauseous feeling of the doom the reality is”.

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