And Then There Were Three: Sixty-Seven Letters to Sasha

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ISBN: 9781457541063
116 pages

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In this poignant and poetic memoir, author Julie G. Fox chronicles the reunion of her husband, George, with his former lover from college, Sasha—a man living a double life in a culture where his homosexuality could result in imprisonment or worse. As Sasha enters their life, both husband and wife must learn to navigate and explore the challenges and complexities of a polyamorous reality together against a backdrop of cultural and societal expectations and judgments.


About Julia G. Fox

Having immigrated from Russia in my late teens, I settled in the United States in the early ’90s and graduated with master’s degree in psychology from a university in California. I published two books of poetry before leaving my home country, both in the Russian language.



In the last scene of El Sexo de los Ángeles, a Spanish film about ménage à trois, a young couple finally figures out that it is a much more pleasant affair to accept their bisexual lover in their relationship versus trying to fight over him and are subsequently enjoying a leisurely morning of waking side by side, all three of them taking turns making coffee and dancing half-dressed—young, beautiful, photogenic, their future lacking the old-fashioned stereotyping about that sort of thing. Now it is all quite different in real life, assuming the three get past wanting to strangle each other.


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